insanity or just insane?

I started up insanity again today.  After braving buying a set of scales I discovered that I have put on 1.5 stone more than I weighed when I did insanity last year. Basically fat heifer comes to mind! Eep! So back on the insanity it is, Danny too and this time its serious….. cue bad action movie opening sequence!!

So the fit test is done, currently melting into the sofa, I remembered this blog. One I have been incredibly neglectful of over the years. I don’t promise to start to blog a lot but I’m going to try.

So melting into my sofa I have time to ponder my fit test results…. fit test to be honest is an optimistic title. …. the results are bleak if I’m perfectly honest; 4 globe jumps in a minute, 4 measly globe jumps. Even the ones that sound awesome like 56 switch kicks are rubbish when the fit ones on the video can do 120 of the same thing! Bah! Lol! Well its a starting point anyway.

I’ve. Also discovered my arch nemesis, in the form of a large skinny mocha from costa. Don’t let the skinny fool you, its still 260ish calories a cup and when you are drinking 2(ish) a day its not difficult to see where the costa cups are stuck to my ass. So my plea is this. If you know me and see me with a costa in hand,  please steal it off me and chuck it in the nearest bin. I may hate you for a second, but I know its for my own good 🙂

Day 1 down, only another 59 to go!!

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New year, new you

Well it’s that time of year. A time for resolutions to be made, celebrations to be had and reflections on the year past.
This last year has been hard. For many many reasons I would class this last year up there as one of the hardest I’ve ever experienced. I think it’s been hard for those around me too, both personally, professionally and anything in between.
I’ve had some successes, and experienced or been alongside people experiencing big changes, and I’m going to be honest, I’ve not wholly enjoyed the last year.
So looking to 2013, what do I want? I’m not looking for anything huge this year, I just want it to be a good one and to bring hope and happiness to my friends and family. If some big things happen as a consequence then ill take them too.

Happy new year. And may 2013 be full of joy, love, happiness and hope for you too. It’s not too much to hope for.

L x

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Love… The holy grail… The thing we all spend our lives looking for, sometimes finding, sometimes losing but eternally hopeful that it will be forever when we so finally find it.

I’m one of the lucky ones. I found my love (as sick making as that sounds) in the form of my husband Danny 9 years ago, I asked him the other day when he knew he loved me and he said ” I knew almost straight away, we just clicked didn’t we”. Which is really true and like all those other billions of people out there I plan for it to be forever, so its important to keep working at it.

So by the power of Google I came across an article entitled “How to Stay in Love and Keep Your Relationship Strong” written by someone called brittanyc. I really loved this article and the bit in particular was surrounding communication.
“About girls, for the guys: you may think we talk about anything and everything, so how possibly could we have trouble communicating. The truth is, we fear rejection and being alone more than the average guy does. The result is that most girls will talk about everything except what’s bothering them most, out of fear of our significant other leaving us or being angry with us.

The cure: Reassure her that you love her, and will not leave her over a fight or relationship issue. At this point, your love should be strong enough to withstand most things, bickering and fighting included. Tell her that all long relationships have fights, and the most important thing is solving problems, so as not to build up resentment and damage the relationship.
Do not: Tell her she is being irrational for her fears of you leaving. While we know that you mean it in a reassuring sense, that you would never leave her over something so insignificant, she takes it to mean that you don’t respect her opinions or emotions, and think she’s a silly little girl. Her emotions, while probably irrational, are still true, and as such are valid. Treat her with the respect she deserves.
About guys, for the girls: Guys feel a constant pressure to perform and compete, and they constantly feel like their ladies are judging them. If they’re with you, they think you’re the most beautiful, most amazing thing under the sun, but they have trouble constantly reaffirming their affection. To them, what’s true is true, and does not need to be constantly addressed.

The cure: Tell them what you want from them. Guys hate guessing games and are not very good at them. If you want something for Valentine’s day, have a heart and at least give them some hints, like, “I want flowers, but I want you to pick out what you would most think I would like, and not roses like everyone gets.” Praise them, and tell them how much you enjoy it whenever they do something unexpected for you, so they don’t have to constantly wonder if you enjoyed what they did, and if they should do it again.
Do not: expect them to constantly be thinking about you, every second of the day. The fact that they love you, to them, is so obvious that it doesn’t need constant reassessment. Also, girls communicate so much more non-verbally than guys do, but you’ve got to open your mouth and speak if you want to communicate with your boyfriend/husband. They hardly ever realize something is wrong unless you tell them.”
No wonder love can be one of the most beautiful but also most painful things to experience in the world! She thinks one thing he thinks another, phew its confusing even to think about it! It’s why you have to work at it to make it good.

So if it’s hard work, sometimes painful, hard to find and can be lost why do we bother???
Well the answer is simple. Love is one of the most powerful things in the world. It can transform a once ordinary smile into one that brightens up your day, it can make you feel hopeful in even the most hopeless of situations and best of all you can feel loved by the smallest of gestures. No wonder we all crave and search for it.

Anyway gushy love related post over, Im feeling the love at the moment (after our 2 year wedding anniversary on Tuesday maybe its just in the air) and wanted to get you thinking about it too 🙂

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Castle In a Lime

We have finally finished decorating the study. Rather than rushing, we took the stance that, start as we mean to go on we would spend plenty of time on it and make it look right – and right it does look indeed!

I like to think of the study, or baby blue computer room where you throw crap, as it used to be known pre make over as symbolic of how this year and the future is going to go. Sounds weird I know but the room is perfectly us, filled with stuff we like at the same time ask being a room you cannot help but smile in when you enter it, all things equal its a really freakin good room!

One of my favorite additions is a desk for me. Not only now is the the realm of computer gamer geek chic of my husband, no no, it also includes Lisa’s work desk where I can “work” if I want to! Its nice, albeit a little distracting as I sit and listen to Mass Effect 3 being played on my left! A little nostalgic, it reminds me of when we first got together and used to have the computer in the living room.

So, why is this entitled Castle in a Lime? Well my friend, my new study reminds me of a castle inside a lime! Picture if you can, lime green walls, slate effect floor – add to that heavy wood furniture and shelves and shelves of books it could easily be inside a library in a castle and not a study in Coventry!

Before it was completely finished, but you get the effect!

Erm yes nice Mr Insurance Man, I would like a new carpet please









Not without is challenges, we are currently awaiting a call from our insurance company as during our exiciting room transformation a badly orchastrated turn saw a pot of chiffon white gloss paint make its way across the living room and landing carpets – eep! Hopefully the nice insurance man will call soon and will sort us right out.

The one I want

The one I'll probably end up with 😦


Last 2 editions to the study, 1. A painting of Jimi Hendrix painted by a friend of ours (not seen it yet but its being brought over today) and 2. A reading chair for me. Unfortunately the wonders of eBay have not come through for me yet. I want a chesterfield wing back chair. The sort of one I want looks like this However as these come in as a minimum of around £400 on eBay,what

I am more likely to have to settle on is this…

Ah well the hunt goes on. Im sure I will find something lovely, just got to be patient (not my stongest skill).

Anyway, more to come

L x

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Awesome Day

I had a fully awesome day yesterday… The sort of awesome day that makes you use the word awesome in a sentence!
We went to town, got a upgrade on Dannys phone, had coffee, did some shopping and went to our friends to watch comedy and chat, brilliant stuffs.
I got woken up today by my cats scrapping – at 5 on aholiday day no less! I have two cats, brody and jarvis… They used to be cute.. but when they are scrapping at 5 in the morning, not so much…

When they were cute

Didnt wake up the husband though, v heavy sleeper, just me.. And when I got up to tell them to be quiet they looked at me very indignantly as if I had woken them up! Evil things….

5am this morning!





Hope your having a good day too..

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Today’s Mission

Today's Mission

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Today feels a bit better… That may be to do with the cheese and bacon toastie I have just eaten (hello diet!?!?) but it could also be to do with the chat I had last night with my husband…Its been a rough week for both of us and I think (I hope) that this is our turn in the road…

Im really please with myself for coming back to this blog… Before I wrote the weigtloss mission, I used to write alot, whether it be in a journal, stories, gathering thoughts and I like it, Its what I like about writing this blog.

I spent time last night reading other peoples ones and I have come to the conclusion that even though all the blogs are different and mine may not be as creative, arty or cutsey as all the others we all have one thing in common, we are telling the stories from our lives! And believe me I have  lots of different ones to tell.

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